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The Joyful Connections Program - Let's Go!


Let's talk.
Free Consul

  •  A 15-minute discovery meeting (phone call or video chat) to see if we are a good fit.

  • Next, establish your account in the client portal, provide intake documentation, and complete the initial assessment questionnaires. 

  • Intake assessment is scheduled  (this can occur at home or in the school/daycare setting)

  • As part of the intake process, I will review any evaluation reports and other related documentation to create a streamlined and comprehensive approach to mentoring and advocacy.

  • Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have. 


Intake Assessment

  • 90-minute home or community visit session 

  • Review of records and parent interviews combined with observation of the child in the natural setting.

  • Goals are collaborative, and family-driven, and are addressed in the home, school, and/or daycare settings

  • The Joyful Connections approach involves ongoing communication between all members of the child's team (teachers, therapists, family, etc.)

  • The primary goal is to establish what strategies and supports are most effective for your child and ensure that the strategies and approaches are streamlined and universal across settings. 


 Home or Community Visits  $95/hour

  • Review of records and discussion of family priorities and concerns.

  • The frequency of in-person visits is determined by the family and can occur at daycare, school, or in the community.

  • Let's roll up our sleeves and get started!

  • Home and community visits are goal-focused and include collaboration with teachers, caregivers, and other therapists to streamline communication and advocate for optimal services and support.

  • Parent coaching is provided for strategies and activity modifications in the home.

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Sliding fee scales & payment plans

What works for you? Please be open and honest about what is feasible for your family. 

A few things about home visits...

  1. Please do not concern yourself with cleaning up your house. Abundant clutter and occasional snack remnants create a most welcoming environment. 

  2. Please don't worry about being dressed and groomed. Pajamas, bedheads, and bits of leftover breakfast on the cheeks is a great look! 

  3. Be prepared to ask questions and don't hesitate to communicate openly about issues or concerns you have. 

A father types on his laptop while 2 children play near him. One of them is putting a book on his head.

What We Offer

Children Doing Headstands on a couch.

Home & Community visits

The frequency and the location of visits are established by the family based on where and when the support is most needed.

Sessions can take place in any environment.... at daycare, school, playground, grocery store, bowling alley...

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Virtual or Phone Consultations

30 or 60-minute meetings to discuss progress, review strategies, plan for meetings, and work through any issues.

Consultation meetings can occur on a routine basis (e.g., once per week or month) or as needed (given 48 hour notice to schedule).

Attend IFSP/IEP Meetings
$160/hour + Preparation Time

In a Meeting

Interpreting complex legal documents and addressing concerns during meetings can be an overwhelming and emotionally draining process.

Let's work through the pages together and make sense of things. 

You've got this! 

Kerri came into our home with a twinkle in her eyes. She provided helpful ideas and her guidance and friendly attitude made a difference.

- M.Z.

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