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Tire Swing

Anything can happen child.   Anything can be.
- Shel Silverstein

Joyful Connections provides support and guidance to families of neurodivergent children. Specializing in young children (ages 1 - 11 years) with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, and related developmental concerns. 

Serving Montgomery County & Northern Chester County, Pennsylvania 

Our Services: How can we help your child?

"Kerri found new ways to engage our son. She broke through barriers and helped to bring out the kid we always knew was there... He was living in a world of black and white, not even knowing how colorful life could be until she showed him. "

- A.P.

Kerri Carpenter, COTA/L, MSOTS

Kerri has over 22 years of professional experience working with young children and their families in autistic support settings, early intervention clinics, and transdisciplinary parent coaching programs. As the mother of 2 neurodiverse children, Kerri has experience being on both sides of the IEP/IFSP table. She has been in the role of case manager/treating clinician and is also a  client/parent. Kerri has a thorough understanding of the logistics and legalities involved with therapeutic evaluations, implementation of interventions, and related services for young children and their families.  She has a wealth of information, endlessly creative therapeutic strategies, and a compassionate appreciation for the family experience.

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